Monday, March 18, 2013

Crunch Time

Four weeks from today is my flight back to the states, holy cow!  Not too much to report for today since I only had a few classes on campus, but in general Norway sure is going by quickly.  My past week felt like a speedy one as well, here’s what happened:

Tuesday:  I had an afternoon class with a guest speaker from Vepsen, an online news outlet that covers extremism in Norway.  Our visitor, Tor Bach (one of Vepsen’s part time journalists) presented a great lecture about extremism as a complex topic and the role it has played in Norway, most famously with the attacks on July 22nd 2011 by ABB.  After class I had a nice Skype with a friend back home and that concluded the events of my Tuesday.

Wednesday:  Another shift at Queer Youth, this time with a trip to IKEA!  I’ve been working on decorating the office and spiffing up the place meant heading to IKEA to pick up some things, mainly frames.  Having posters and pictures up on the wall has given QY a great look in my opinion and the social space is coming together nicely.  Eirik and I picked up lunch at IKEA, where hotdogs are only 5 NOK.  That’s the best deal in town I’ve come across for food and Norwegians love hotdogs.  The ones I ate at IKEA were the first I had in Norway, kind of a surprise it took this long.  After QY I meet up with my professor for a check in on papers, wrapping up my time downtown.

Thursday:  Class, an unfortunately cancelled interview for my ISP, and a taco dinner was my Thursday pretty much.  But I did get some good errands in as well.

Friday:  Pub shift at Uglebo!  Before Erica and I headed over we feasted on an American delicacy I happened upon on my last trip to the grocery store: mac and cheese.  Delicious!  Uglebo is always a good time and this shift counted as the pub’s ode to St. Patrick’s Day since it’s only open every Friday and every other Wednesday for quiz night.  So, the pub was all done up with green decorations like clovers and owls wearing leprechaun hats.  Grabbed my compensation of two beers after closing up and cleaning and got home around four in the morning.

Saturday:  Another night at Uglebo after doing homework during the afternoon!  This was the second intern party of the semester and I had a great time.  Mixed drinks for 40 NOK and good company made for a quality night.  Left at closing and then hosted a couple friends in my kitchen for tea in the early morning hours.  Saturday was my favorite night of this past week.

Sunday:  St. Patrick’s Day!  I went into my day wanting to get a lot done on my ISP, but that didn’t happen… I’ll be making up for that lack of progress tonight, ha.  (Shout out to the post title)  Anyways, my evening was fun!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I really am so happy about who I live with.  We had another roomie dinner and this time around we had fondue, cognac, and brownies.  So, not a very Irish meal!  But very tasty nonetheless with Switzerland, Russia (Nini’s contribution, she’s from neighboring Georia), and America (yay baking!).  After dinner we headed to Amatøren to have a pint while wearing green.  Sunday was a close second to Saturday on good nights.

I only have one photo this time around, but I will have plenty for my next post!  I’m leaving for Copenhagen on Wednesday with the HECUA gang so I’ll be snapping a ton of pictures!  Until next Monday, have a good week everyone!

Cheers to Ireland from Norway!

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