Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunny in Scandinavia

Happy March everyone!  Norway is still treating me well, even better this past week actually because the weather was so nice!  I was able to not wear my heavy coat today, and that’s pretty major.  The blue skies and accompanying sunshine are very welcome, and Oslo has started to match all the pictures on the postcards I sent out.  For today, I went to class, and then a field seminar downtown at NOAS (the Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers) which I unfortunately got suddenly tired at (like out of the blue tired, not from lack of interest in the topic!  Most of my classmates noticed, ugh).  Afterwards I grabbed some groceries and I just got back from some super fun sledding with the HECUA group.

Here’s the lowdown of last week:

Tuesday:  My only class got cancelled, whoo hoo!  I went to campus anyways though because I had plans with Erica to get some waffles.  The student pub I bartend at is also a café on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons so we decided the day before to see Uglebo during the day for some anytime breakfast food and hot beverages.  We played board games, chatted and had a good time.  I spent the rest of my Tuesday in my room taking it easy.

Wednesday:  The 22nd was my birthday and my mom had mentioned she sent something my way but I hadn’t gotten anything in the mail.  I went back to my room on Tuesday thinking about this and checked my email to see the address I sent her.  Yep, typo.  I was so bummed Tuesday night and thus took it easy by not being productive, so there’s the real story of the night before.  I had written building 28 instead of 23.  So Wednesday I went out to track down the package and succeeded after a good shift at Queer Youth involving editing an English partnership agreement with another organization and outlining the social space we hope to make in the office.  I was so glad I was able to get the package from my mom, definitely made my day and resolved the night before.

Thursday: The last day of classes for the week as usual.  I first went to CARE, the Norwegian branch of CARE International which focuses on foreign aid.  Norway is well known for being a big donor country so going to CARE helped fill in the details.  In the afternoon was the integration seminar along with presenting about the Fram and Kon-Tiki museums from Monday and updating the class on half of our internship placements.  I went first for the individual presentation and think I represented Queer Youth quite well.  After school, the gang of Sogn building 23, 7th floor, had a roomie dinner.  This time we ate Eggplant appetizers, Georgian dumplings and my contribution of brownies.  So for flat mate dinners, 2/2 have been great times with good food and company.

Friday: This was an errand day for me.  I picked up postcards and did laundry while the sun was up.  As for the evening, I went to Amatøren for open mic night which Erica performed at, then the two of us headed over to work a shift at Uglebo, her first, my fifth.  In short, another good few hours bartending and of course the after party.

Saturday:  The main event of Saturday was going to one of the screenings put on by the Oslo Film Fest.  While the name may trigger a visual of an elaborate set up and lots of famous people, the Film Fest was a quaint event.  I went to see Hitchcock with my friend Lara, which I recommend for any fans of the master of suspense. A good time for 80 NOK (a movie is usually 100 NOK or more, yay Film Fest discount!).

Sunday:  To finish off the weekend, I spruced up my room a bit by putting up some of the things I picked up in the UK (like maps and postcards) and a few other things onto the wall space above my desk.  It’s nice having a little display instead of just blank all around me; a bit of tape helped my room become homier, which was worth it even if I am only here for another month and a half.  After my decorating, I did some homework then made the night fun with a pre-party at my friend Cassie’s and a trip to Blå.  

Only a couple of pictures for this week, but hopefully I will have more for my next post!

Mmm, Georgian dumplings

Movie time

The lovely Oslo waterfront before sunset

Blå with the girls

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