Monday, April 15, 2013

Ha Det, Tusen Takk Norge

This is my final log post for this travel blog, and tomorrow I will post a “back in America” entry.  I was sitting in Oslo Airport when I started writing this and now I’m in Iceland for my layover.  Today is quite bittersweet.  While I have missing home and am happy to go back to my family and friends, Norway has been some of the best months of my life.  And now it’s time to write about my last week.

Tuesday:  Free Cone Day!  Ben and Jerry’s is wonderfully international.  Anyways, my last day of class meant presenting my ISP to the HECUA group.  That was a little nerve-wracking but I’m glad I got to talk about what I’d been working on all semester.  After that Power Point, we had a final class discussion to finish off my academic time in Norway.  To celebrate the end of term, my professor had us over for a great potluck dinner.

Wednesday:  A shift at Queer Youth that was spent making a blog for my boss and then I had dinner with two of my friends that were going to be gone over the weekend.  Spaghetti with two fellow political science majors made for a good night.

Thursday:  This was a day that was school work oriented for the last time in Oslo since I had to finish up the final draft of my ISP to turn in the next morning.  I also had my last flat mate dinner with very tasty wok. 

Friday:  Such a full Friday!  I submitted my ISP to my professor (whoohoo!) and then headed to Queer Youth for my last shift.  QY is having their general assembly next week which meant a lot of printing and folder filling for me.  Ashild got a delicious carrot cake for my last day interning and I also got a card and gift.  After saying goodbye to Queer Youth, I went out to dinner with Oliver and then we went to work at Uglebo for my seventh and final shift bartending.  With a great group of coworkers, the hours went by quickly and the after party went until five.  I already greatly miss both my places of work this semester.  Queer Youth and Uglebo were two very cool parts of my experience in Oslo.

Saturday:  Two concluding actions to my time in Norway were what this day was dedicated to: picking up souvenirs and having a farewell party.  Both these things went very well and I am so happy with how great a sendoff I got with lots of people I’m so blessed to call friends on Saturday night.

Sunday:  Last full day in Oslo.  Deeds of the day were packing and socializing with lunch out, a group dinner in, and one final trip to Bla.  Capped off the night with a movie in Erica’s room.

This blog post turned out to be a pretty short one.  I’m finding this entry a little difficult to write, as leaving is still sinking in even though I’ve already taken one of two flights to get back to the states today.  But, as mentioned above, I’ll be writing again tomorrow, so whatever I haven’t thought to add here I’ll put in tomorrow.  Anyways, to finish off this last week log, Norway has a piece of my heart, and here are some last photos of my time there.

Even Oslo isn’t cold enough to say no to free ice cream

Not the best picture of me, but this is the last photo of the HECUA group

Best carrot cake of my life

Wearing a hat means party time

The room I made a home in Norway

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