Monday, April 8, 2013

There and Back: Bergen Style

Today marks the start of my last full week in Oslo… WOW.  Being abroad in Europe has really flown by, it’s hard to believe.  Anyways, to get to how the first bit of April went for me, I’ll get right to reporting now.  

Between Tuesday and Thursday I was in school mode, especially concerning my ISP.  I had other assignments as well, but writing up the rough draft of my paper was the most time consuming activity of these three days.  I turned in my draft Thursday morning and before then was visited by a pair of care package fairies to cheer me on Wednesday as I sat at my computer.  Red Bull and chocolate sure are good motivators.  Like I said, emailed off the draft Thursday morning, then had some classes.  Thursday night meant relief from my school work of the week so I made my way over to Uglebo for a special band night and socialized the night away in blissful celebration to end a tough week.

Moving onto the weekend, I went to Bergen!  During my time here in Norway, I definitely wanted to see more of the country than Oslo so I made my way over to the west coast for three days.  I hopped on the earliest train Friday morning with my pal Oliver and we made the seven hour trip to Norway’s second largest city.  The Oslo to Bergen line has the reputation of being one of the most beautiful train rides in the world, and that reputation did not disappoint! 

After arriving and checking into the Bergen YMCA as our hostel, we wandered around downtown Friday afternoon.  Bergen has quite a lot of character, and many more restaurant options than Oslo.  Eating out is a treat, and since I was on a sort of holiday, I took advantage to have a weekend of food!  After a great dinner, I fell asleep for 12 hours, ha.

As for Saturday, Oliver and I had our only full day in Bergen.  We spent it going to art museums, doing souvenir shopping, and of course spending plenty of money on delicious food.  Then on Sunday in between more great food for breakfast and a late lunch, we went up to the mountainside of Bergen via the Fløibanen Funicular to get a great view of the city.  The harbor is such an awesome sight high up and street level.  All in all, Bergen was wonderful!  So glad I got to see more of beautiful Norway before leaving in a week. 

Ahh, only one or two more blog posts depending on how I decide to write.  Thanks for all you readers that have followed me the whole time, are sporadic skimmers, or are just taking a look at my blog for the first time!  Below are some pics from Bergen.  Til I write again, cheers from Norway!

Bryggen, the main historical strip
A burger in Bergen! So tasty

The view from the roof or the Bergen YMCA

Life at the top with Bergen harbor as my backdrop

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